Who We Are 

The Erie County Prisoners Rights Coalition is a community action organization committed to calling attention to and ultimately ending the violations of inmate's civil, constitutional and human rights within the Erie County Holding Center and Correctional Facility. 

We recognize state and federal reports on the County's two prison facilities which document physical abuse, neglect, denial of necessary medical treatment, unsanitary conditions and dozens of violations of NYS Commission of Corrections Minimum standards for Correctional facilities. We demand that Erie County enact all recommendations included in the U.S. Justice Department report on their prisons; open up their prison system for an unfettered federal investigation to occur; come into compliance with minimum state standards; remunerate the million dollars of "misallocated" commissary money they have taken from their prisoners; and reestablish a Community Advisory Board to oversee the prisons, so that this type of abuse does not reoccur.

Meet us every Wednesday at 5 PM at the corner of Delaware and Church, in front of the Erie County Holding Center, to protest these injustices.

Community conversations will follow each protest as we plan new ways to pressure the county towards action.

Eugene Pierce: County must form a broad-based community board